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Nova Harvest Ltd. is an aquaculture company that applies innovative, science-based solutions to support the development of a sustainable shellfish industry in BC. Operating since 2011, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Nova Harvest Ltd. is dedicated to producing high quality oyster and clam seed for local shellfish farmers.

Our Ventures

Growing shellfish to grow the shellfish industry 

The Hatchery

Where the magic happens.
Our land-based hatchery, located next to the Bamfield Marine Science Centre, is a compact facility that carries a high-tech punch. A state of the art micro-algae laboratory and larvae culture systems enable us to consistently produce shellfish seed at both high quantity and quality.

The Nursery

Keeping it local.
Our ocean-based nursery, in the pristine waters of Barkley Sound, creates the perfect environment for oyster seed to grow – up to 1” – supplying the local BC shellfish industry.
This seed is destined for shellfish farms throughout the West Coast of Vancouver Island, including our very own.

The Farm

Collaboration & Culture.
Our farms are operated by the Mariculture Limited Partnership,
between Nova Harvest and HFN Group of Businesses. Together we work to build a sustainable oyster industry that benefit the local communities and ecosystems in Barkley Sound, in traditional territory of Huu-ay-aht First Nations

The Processing plant

From ‘seed’ to ‘slurp’.
Our processing plant is located in The Dock + Port Alberni's regional food processing hub. With the Port Alberni Port Authority and tenants, we are helping bring life back to the old plant at Fishermen's Harbour - a terrific gateway for sharing the magic of Barkley Sound oysters with the world.

we believe in sustainable aquaculture

Nova Harvest is passionate about supporting the development of the oyster farming industry in BC. Oysters are an incredibly sustainable protein source, having a net positive impact on the surrounding marine environment by providing valuable habitat and ecosystem services.

Nova Harvest’s mission is to provide a reliable Canadian source of high-quality shellfish seed while developing innovative, mechanized, efficient, and scalable shellfish aquaculture technologies that increase the productivity and economic sustainability of oyster farming. 

Our Values

Shellfish | Innovation | Sustainability 


Supporting the growth and development of Canadian aquaculture through innovation and a reliable source of high caliber seed.


Focusing heavily on innovation and research to arrive at science-based solutions that maximize efficiency and collaboration.


Striving to create a positive work environment driven to build a mean, lean, oyster production machine.

great shellfish starts with great people

Our most valuable asset

We love what we do and our amazing dedicated team is proof we are doing something right. 

J.P. has built Nova Harvest Ltd. from the ground up, literally and figuratively. Originally from Nova Scotia, JP moved west to complete his MSc at UBC then took on the challenge of starting the shellfish hatchery – first with geoduck clams and now oysters. Mostly self-taught through experiential learning, he is the definition of an innovative leader; ensuring that creative problem solving is combined with integrity and attention to the details. An expert in hatchery systems, J.P. is driven to creating new solutions for shellfish rearing, and pushing the shellfish aquaculture industry to its true potential.

J.P. Hastey

President, Founding Member
MSc:  Animal Sciences

Angela is fearlessly optimistic - believing that no problem is too large to solve. With her wealth of knowledge in invertebrate biology and aquatic systems design, she leads our team as they navigate the intense production season. Prior to working at Nova Harvest, she studied integrated multi-trophic aquaculture with the DFO and UVic. Her combined passion for growing sustainable shellfish and maintaining a positive, productive work environment has allowed Nova Harvest Ltd. to build an awesome team with the common goal of producing quality products for our customers.

Angela Fortune

Hatchery Manager
MSc: Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture 

Brody is passionate about the environment, specifically focused on sustainable food production. He ushers our oyster and clam seed from larvae through adulthood using his science background along with stellar mechanical and practical skills. When Brody is not finding better ways to grow an oyster, he is found deep in house music, DJ’ing it up on the scene, or caught in the wind with his kite surfing. Always testing new ideas, his optimism and love of music keep the team moving and grooving.

Brody Penn

Hatchery Technician
BSc: Marine Biology

Scott isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty - whether it is cleaning tanks, oysters or working at the farm. His hard work and dedication combined with his strong background in environmental management and freshwater fisheries aquaculture are reflected in the high-quality shellfish produced. Scott ensures our shellfish seed is well fed and cared for until it is shipped off to our customers. When Scott is not finding better ways to grade juvenile oysters he can be found searching the coast for the surf.

Scott Cheyne

Larvae Technician
BSc: Ecology & Evolution

Julia is our microalgae queen, growing dense high-quality micro-algae that feeds our shellfish seed throughout its time in the hatchery. With a background in laboratory work and strong understanding of marine biology, Julia excels in the special combination of high attention to detail, flexibility, and long-term planning required to keep those green cells going. Hailing from the big city of Toronto, she’s since grown fond of the tiny community of Bamfield and her kayak commute to work.

Julia Themelis

Algae Technician
BSc: Marine Biology 

Marielle is the new office wizard. Tasked with organizing the books, taming the tech, and exploring new opportunities, she figures it out and gets it done. Coming from the aquarium biology and animal research ethics worlds, she helps support the team as they make new plans, and forge new paths. Out of the office, Marielle spends her time taking in Barkley Sound’s gorgeous ocean views, foraging for mushrooms, and dreaming about delicious sustainable (sea)food.

Marielle Monteiro Gilmour

Office Administration
BSc: Zoology 

“The way you do anything, is the way you do everything”

-JP Hastey*, Founding member of Nova Harvest

*and other unknown sources


Current Opportunities

Shellfish Hatchery Technician

Positions Available Jan 2024

Shellfish Farm Technician

Positions Available Feb 2024

We are always looking for talented people who share our values and passion for aquaculture.