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Located next to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, the Nova Harvest facility is outfitted with flow-through seawater to 8500 square feet of hatchery and greenhouse buildings. We are adaptable to a wide variety of applications.

The main building of the hatchery houses the larval rearing lab, land based nursery system, and intensive algae culture facilities. Outdoor space includes two greenhouses: a covered tank farm, and a greenhouse dedicated to extensive algae production.


Larval Rearing Lab

As per the requirements of geoduck, our larval rearing system enables tight control over the physical environment. It is well suited and adaptable for a range of invertebrate species.

Larvae tanks are supplied with particle and UV-filtered seawater, and have temperature, pH, and alkalinity control. All tanks are fed by two styles of algae-feed delivery systems to meet the specific requirements of various shellfish life stages.


Land-Based Nursery

We are developing a high density, longer-term holding nursery for juveniles; utilizing recirculation technology, and automated feeding and cleaning systems.

This new system allows for a year round supply of large seed capable of being direct planted, cutting out the expensive ocean nursery phase.


Hatchery & Greenhouses

The site has two greenhouses totalling 3500 square feet.

One greenhouse is dedicated to extensive algae production through paddlewheel raceways, while the second greenhouse holds sea-tanks, and is an adaptable multipurpose space.


Algae Facilities

Our microalgae facility is a compact lab used for stages of algae culture ranging from 50ml to 1000L.

Algae cages, columns, and bioreactors are utilized for large scale production. We currently have two state of the art bioreactors from Industrial Plankton, which can hold 1000L of algae and grow batch, semi-continuous, and continuous cultures.

The bulk of our algae is cultured in our greenhouses with ponds and paddlewheel raceway style tanks allowing efficient large scale algae production year round.