Consulting Services

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Shellfish Consulting

We are keen to support new development in the shellfish aquaculture industry. Consulting services are available for post-hatchery production; including tenure development, technical support, and financing options.

Whatever scale you are operating at, try us – we like a challenge.

Algae Consulting

Nova Harvest cultures a range of microalgae species commonly used for shellfish aquaculture. We house a variety of stock cultures and are capable of large scale production. We also operate two bioreactors from Industrial Plankton. If you are looking to optimize your bioreactor’s performance, we can help set you up for success.

Algae culturing workshops are offered by request in conjunction with BMSC. This course is geared towards researchers who may need algae as a component of their project and is also suitable to industry scale applications. We know from experience that algae culture can be a steep, time consuming, and expensive learning curve. Working in a hands-on environment with our in-house algologist will save you time, money, and heart-ache. Basic microalgae culturing techniques are taught in an intensive 2-5 day course which covers: inoculation techniques, cell counting methods, batch culture principals, algae lab set up and operation. Please contact us for availability.

Microalgae workshops and consulting services using Industrial Plankton’s bioreactors are also available. We provide training on basic culturing techniques, facility set up, and equipment purchasing.


For researchers and industry:

We are always interested in research and industry collaborations. The BC shellfish aquaculture industry would greatly benefit from increased attention of the scientific community; a scientific approach will identify solutions to problems currently restricting the industry.

Nova Harvest is well positioned to bridge the gap between industry and academia to initiate the conversation. Please contact us for interest and opportunity.