The Hatchery

Company Biography

Nova Harvest is located in Bamfield, BC; adjacent to the pristine waters of Barkley Sound and the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Founded in 2011 by J.P. Hastey, Julian German and Joel German, Nova Harvest is committed to supporting the growth and development of Canadian aquaculture. The geoduck industry is an excellent venue to begin this pursuit.To accomplish our goals, we focus heavily on research and technical development to arrive at science-based solutions. With a broad experience base in the aquaculture industry and an innovative outlook, the Nova Harvest team is well-positioned to supply the shellfish industry with a reliable source of high caliber seed.

Our Team


J.P. Hastey

J.P.’s keen interest in aquaculture development and entrepreneurial spirit lead him to co-found Nova Harvest Ltd with fellow Nova Scotians Joel and Julian German in 2011. He has received a Master of Science in Animal Science from the University of British Columbia and has a broad experience base ranging from field research to product development and hatchery design. J.P. and his team at Nova Harvest have built a solid foundation in shellfish aquaculture from which they will experience continued success as the industry evolves.


Angela Fortune

Hatchery Manager

Angela started working with Nova Harvest in 2017 while finishing a Master of Science degree with the University of Victoria and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Her combined passion for growing shellfish and maintaining a positive, productive work environment has allowed Nova Harvest Ltd. to build an awesome team with the common goal of producing quality products for our customers. Nova Harvest is Fortunate to have her.


Brody Penn

Hatchery Technician

Brody has been working with Nova Harvest since 2018 shortly after completing his Bachelor of Science degree with the University of Victoria. Brody is a Hatchery/Larvae technician who helps raise our oyster and clam larvae. Brody is passionate about the environment specifically sustainable food production. His science background along with his mechanical and practical skills make him an asset to Nova Harvest. Brody started working with Nova Harvest in 2018 shortly after finishing his Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of Victoria. His optimism and love of house music keep the team moving.